I’m Arsen Shkrumelyak. I live in London, where I build my future.

As a young and innovative thinker, I have always been propelled by a deep-seated curiosity that drives me to find creative solutions to every challenge that comes my way. From a young age, tinkering with broken objects sparked my passion for problem-solving, which I’ve honed through my exploration of the vast world of computer science.

Now 18, my passion for learning and problem-solving remains unwavering. My focus has been primarily on Computer Science and Mathematics, where I’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of various programming languages and a robust foundation in front-end development. I am skilled in React, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript frameworks, particularly creating user-friendly experiences.

In addition to my self-guided studies, I’ve actively engaged in several exciting projects. Among these are Golden Chat, an AI-powered toolkit for creators, and KayleAI, a service that uses AI to safeguard children from potentially harmful online messages. Currently, I am working on DevRIFT, a security platform that enables developers and businesses to concentrate on their core product, leaving security concerns to us.

If you’re interested in connecting with a driven and ambitious young individual who lives and breathes technology, please don’t hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn or via email at [email protected]. I continue to welcome new challenges as opportunities for innovation and growth, and I am always eager to learn and expand my horizons.