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All of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, product design, and more, collected in chronological order.

An Entrepreneurial Life

What it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and how I got here.

Introducing Arsenal Insiders

Arsenal Insiders web scrapes the latest news and information about Arsenal FC and sends regular newsletters!

Introducing MentionGPT

Powered by GPT-4, MentionGPT is an Instagram reply bot, just @MentionGPT and it will reply to you!

What is Project Rosel Now?

Powered by GPT-4, Rosel is now a virtual assistant that can help you with anything!

How we send emails with our logo

If you’ve tried our DevRIFT’s demo, Crayon Camps, you would have noticed that our emails have our logo in them. In this article, I’ll show you how we do it.

Starting Project Rosel

Powered by GPT-3, Rosel is a virtual girlfriend that can talk to you about anything. I built it to learn about Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Rewriting the DevRIFT API in Rust

When we released the first version of DevRIFT, we knew it was a good start, but we knew we could do better. We knew we could make it faster, more reliable, and more secure. So we decided to rewrite it in Rust.